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Three Wheels Coffee came from the two main passions in my life they are bicycles and coffee.

The tricycle (she is called Louise) came from the depths of an eBay sale when I got her home the excitement of having another bike in the shed resembled a five year old on Christmas day, not only was it going to be my first three wheeled bike (stabilisers on my BMX Raleigh Styler doesn’t count!) but this was going to be a bike which would become a business. Shortly after the realisation of what I bought set in, a bit of a dog is putting it mildly – she was going to need a lot of attention to get her working properly not to mention been able to support the weight of a 70kg professional coffee machine, (she’s called Thelma) all the gubbins to go with it. Four months, fifteen plasters and quite a few “feck this bloody thing” it was finished a tricycle was reborn and a crazy business idea looked like it would actually work.

The coffee which I sell has to be the best coffee available, so in a nod to my travels around the world in harvesting, picking, drying and tasting it was imperative that all my coffee comes from South America. The roasting house I work with select the highest-grade Arabica coffee beans and hand-roast them in small batches in Dulwich they dispatch the coffee to me on a weekly basis to ensure the freshness. After working on coffee farms it was also essential to me to know that the beans selected are ethically sourced, with a traceable provenance and are supplied fair-trade and organically certified but they go one further this coffee is direct trade.  I feel in this ‘third wave coffee trend’ we are in these are vital factors we should acknowledge when ordering a cup.