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We do Le Tour de France

2014-05-14 11.10.10

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Just saying..

I hope these strikes don’t end I’m having too much fun with my blackboard signs, it’s also making the commuters laugh too 

2014-04-22 13.26.27

The girls and I have a new location

Hello people, after some time down in Richmond’s Farmers Market we have moved up town to the big city and plonked ourselves right under neath the tallest building in Europe – The Shard!

Operating Mondays – Friday 0730-1230 in the Shard Arcade, which is positioned in London Bridge Station.  Between the Northern & Jubilee line ticket machines or if your coming from St Thomas Street (Guy’s Hospital) its on the left as you walk past the entrance to the Viewing Gallery for the Shard.

Hope to see you soon!


Direct Trade Full Steam

So people you might have seen that I get a bit passionate about coffee but one area that is really key for me is how the green beans comes from the tree to your cup.  Well those good folks down at Volcano are kinda like me too, they’ve basically gone and cut out all the greedy middle mitts and work directly with the farmers.

Wanna know more then check out this link and it will tell you all about it, or pop down and see me some day and I’ll tell you about it while you enjoy a cup.

“Coffee is that Grave and Wholesome Liquor. That heals the Stomach, makes the Genius quicker. Relieves the Memory, revives the Sad, and cheers the Spirits, without making Mad.”

17thC Poet

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The girls @ Vulpine Games


Mix’n with the traders daanww the market!

Our first day @ Richmond’s Farmers Market, its cold and sunny but dry – sounds ideal for a walk along the river with a coffee or hot chocolate.


Vulpine Cyclo Games

Like bicycles? Like great coffee? Like doing something good for charity? Then see you at the Vulpine Cyclogames this Sunday @ the Oval Space, Hackney.